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Frequently Asked Questions

for Team Members

How do I become a Team Member?

Contact us! Call us at (909) 989-5699. Better yet, drop us a line by filling out the Inquiry Form on the Contact Us page.

How soon can I start working?

That depends on you. It's possible for Team Members can complete all paperwork within a day; we can have you working within the week.

Who pays me?

You will be considered our W-2 employee; not a 1099 Contractor or an employee of the facility. We pay Team Members weekly.

Is there a fee to work for you?

No! There is no fee to work with us. Your work is considered W-2 Employment.

Am I bound by an employment contract?

No. We are an At-Will company; you may terminate your position with us at any time.
However, once you make a commitment to work a specific assignment, we do ask that you honor that commitment - for the patients' sake.

What insurance benefits do you offer?

The following benefits are available to Full-Time Team Members: Medical, Dental, Vision, Retirement 401(k), Life Insurance, Dependent Care Reimbursement, Income Protection, & Pet Insurance.

How often do you get new job assignments?


How do I know where I'm working?

Our Scheduling Department will discuss shift details with you before Confirming assignments. When an assignment is Confirmed, we also send out courtesy emails that include the assignment details like date & time but also include the address & even a map to the facility.

What if a facility offers me a job?

That's great! Have them call us immediately so we can start the Temp-to-Perm process with them. Don't forget, you can stay working with us & continue working whenever you have a day off from the facility, like Weekends or Holidays!

My colleague would like to work with you.

Word of Mouth recommendations are so important to us that we Pay for Referrals! Contact us to let us know who you'd like to refer & also have them list you as a referral when they contact us! Thank you!

for Clients

How much does it cost to contract for your services?

Our Staffing Agreements are pay-as-you-go so there is no cost to put an Agreement in place. Billing occurs only after services are actually rendered.

What if my staffing needs aren't Immediate?

Our Staffing Agreements are pay-as-you-go so there's no cost to you to put an Agreement in place. Many clients like to setup Agreements with us prior to anticipated needs, like Summer vacation, Holidays, Flu Season, & Maternity Leave.

What are your rates & how are they determined?

Our bill rates are predominately determined by the wage our Team Members are willing to work then factored with Employer Burden costs, the Affordable Care Act, Sick Time, etc. Staffing Agencies often find themselves caught in between the fair market value of Team Members' work & the budget constraints of our Clients.

How many of your Team Members are available right now?

Unfortunately, without a current & active Staffing Agreement, we cannot provide a guarantee regarding specific availability. We would rather not get your hopes up nor obligate our Team Members prior to having a signed Agreement, which can be a lengthy process for some larger Clients.

How long will it take to fill my staffing request?

Obviously it benefits us to book your order as soon as we can, but it will depend on the nature & details of your assignment as well as our Team Members' availability. Clients contact us regularly with order ranging from ASAP/Emergency orders to assignments that start several months from now.

Are your Team Members considered 1099 Indepented Contractors or Sub-Contractors?

No! Many agencies & Travel firms will play this game & put your facility at greater risk, but we do not. We are a fully compliant W-2 Employer so our Team Members are covered by our Medical Malpractice & Worker's Compensation insurance plans. It's very risky to work with 1099 Independent Contractors because they do not carry Worker's Compensation Insurance & may not carry enough Medical Malpractice to effectively cover a claim. Not to mention that many 1099s do not pay proper employer taxes so California & the IRS are coming after Facilities who benefit from this improper arrangement. Better safe than sorry, right?